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How to avoid tarpaulin aging?

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Tarpaulin is a common daily necessities, because of its good waterproof performance, loved by people, but the same, its aging problem is also bothering us. In many industries, tarpaulins are almost used, such as the cover of goods. Tarpaulin is often used outdoors, so the aging phenomenon of products is also common. How can we avoid aging and extend its service life?

First of all, the tarpaulin must avoid high temperature exposure, because the tarpaulin is made of PE polyethylene, which will make its internal particle analysis, make the tarpaulin dry and aging seriously. Secondly, try not to let the tarpaulin contact with chemical articles. Most of the chemical articles are corrosive. After the tarpaulin contacts with it, it may deteriorate, especially the articles with strong acid and alkali. Therefore, we must avoid the tarpaulin from contacting these articles. Only when the tarpaulin is properly maintained at ordinary times, can the aging phenomenon of the tarpaulin not occur or occur slowly when it is used, and the tarpaulin can serve us better.

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