PVC mesh cloth


A kind of mesh

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[product characteristics]

       High strength industrial polyester filament, coated with flameretardant PVC coating, the product can improve ventilation, preventdust from spreading, and provide a safe and clean space for buildinginstallation. High strength, high toughness, can make it in the specialenvironment to prevent the building spatter flying accident, play anexcellent role in protection.

       高强度工业用涤纶长丝,外涂阻燃PVC涂层,该产品可改善通风,阻止粉尘外扬,为建筑安全提供一个安全,清洁的空间。高强度高韧性的特性,能使其在特殊 环境中防止建筑飞溅物飞出发生意外,发挥出色的保护作用。


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